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China-Switzerland Advisory

Navigating you through the Chinese maze. We provide advice on how to start and manage contractual relationships, structure transactions or settle disputes with your Chinese partners or authorities.

Once called the “factory of the world”, China has become an inevitable global player on its way to becoming a super power and playing a leading role in global governance.  

As its political and economic influence keeps growing, so are questions as to the right strategies when engaging with the Chinese market and Chinese companies amid ongoing social, political and economic controversies. Doing business in China and dealing with Chinese companies is complex and entails risks. When engaging in business with China, there may well be a political agenda to take into account, and there is always a web of ever evolving laws and regulations to navigate.

Our China – Switzerland Team's mission is to help you get things done – and get things done right. We believe that business with China can succeed when handled with the necessary care. We are here to help you steer clear of pitfalls and let you focus on your goal: doing business.

We also provide cutting-edge legal solutions in case you are facing a dispute with your Chinese partners or managing a crisis in your Chinese business. Disputes can be devastating for your business as well as for the people involved. We make it a priority to defend your interests and provide you with the necessary tools to successfully identify and manage your options and remedies.

We work in close cooperation with various law firms and service providers all across China and the broader Asia-Pacific region. Depending on the nature of the case and your specific needs, we select the best suited on-site team and act as a bridge between you and our Chinese correspondents.

Thanks to our combined expertise, our foreign language skills, our dedicated team of professionals in Switzerland and our network in China, you can trust us to steadily guide you through the Chinese maze.

Range of Services

Our Business China-Switzerland Team provides assistance in all legal matters relating to Sino-Swiss dealings and transactions, with a particular focus on:

Risk & Dispute Management

  • Avoiding disputes by anticipating and managing risks
  • Designing & implementing appropriate dispute resolution strategies
  • International arbitration & commercial mediation
  • Court litigation
  • Enforcing court judgments and arbitral awards in China and Switzerland

Cross-Border Trade and Transactions

  • Due diligence of potential contractual partners
  • Structuring, customizing and implementing cross-border transactions
  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts
  • Assisting with the preparation and review of relevant logistical & financial documents

Corporate & M&A

  • Acquisitions and sales of companies and business units
  • Mergers, demergers, spin-offs, corporate restructurings
  • Joint ventures
  • Liquidations
  • Advising on M&A / Warranty & Indemnity Insurance
  • Brownfield investments

International Tax Matters

  • Advising on cross-border tax compliance and other matters
  • Negotiating tax rulings in Switzerland
  • Managing and avoiding controversies and litigations in both countries

Private Clients

  • Employment & immigration matters
  • Family matters, including marriage/divorce, child custody and inheritance
  • Cross-border taxation matters
  • White-collar crime and other general criminal matters

Recent Cases

  • Advising a Swiss start-up company in the e-mobility sector in a licensing scheme for the Chinese market
  • Advising and representing a Chinese investor in the winding-up of a Swiss subsidiary
  • Advising a Chinese individual with respect to setting up a business in Switzerland and relocating with their family to Switzerland
  • Advising a Chinese company regarding the challenge of a Swiss arbitral award
  • Advising a Swiss high-tech company in the structuring, negotiation and conclusion of joint venture, licensing and technology transfer agreements with a Chinese party
  • Advising a Swiss wine retail business in its set-up and investment scheme for the Chinese market
  • Representing a Chinese automotive company in a multi-million SCAI arbitration against an Italian company regarding a dispute arising out of supply and licensing agreements
  • Representing a Chinese state-owned entity in a dispute under Swiss law against a Korean company regarding a major infrastructure project in the middle east
  • Sitting as arbitrator on numerous arbitration cases under Swiss law involving Chinese parties in the field of post-M&A disputes, engineering and supply agreements, sales and agency agreements,
  • Acting as mediator in a WIPO mediation proceeding between a Chinese-invested US company and a US-invested German Company in the field of pharmaceutical products

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